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New Zealand


Brisbane, state capital of Queensland and my home town.

Brisbane is home to mixed and varied architectural styles. And like us all, there is one iconic architectural feature of my home town I love; The Story Bridge.

The Story Bridge unites the north and south of Brisbane. It offers wonderful views of the city precinct and Brisbane River. It’s appearance changes throughout the day, offering Brisbane people solid lines in the waking hours of the day. And when lit of an evening, it offers fanciful dreamings.

When looking out a plane window it is my place marker on the planet, offering comfort and welcome with each departure and return. The Story Bridge is the land mark that I set my internal compass from.



I choose to live in Brisbane because of the lifestyle and climate. It is surrounded by wonderful parks, mountains, waterways and very close to magnificent beaches, both north and south of the city.

My Brisbane photographs have been captured over many years, drawing on familiar surroundings and wandering the surrounding regions my home town.


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