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Having spent a lot of time as a young person in Far North Queensland (FNQ) with my family, I have a great fondness for this region built on the open spaces and the open promises of vast horizons. The feeling I get is that everyone is on a holiday and in fact FNQ has a large transient population of tourists and seasonal workers. In a broad context, the only constant is the environment, and that feeling itself is an illusion. A careful eye will see that drops of water erode rock and insects consume forests…and devastating cyclones and floods ravage on a huge scale.

My inspiration for this collection of photographs came from the extraordinarily vibrant colours, textures and patterns within the landscape. Each photograph represents the drama of the elements. Movement and stillness coexist in the plunging of water against solid rock.


The images were captured over two trips to this region in 2005 and 2006 utilising Canon 20D and 40D cameras and various Canon lenses. All post production was done using Adobe Photoshop®.

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