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Since my first trip some 23 years ago, I have loved Victoria for its climate and geographic diversity (not to mention the shoes!) It seems to be a part of home, yet is completely different from Queensland where humidity and a year-round summer is the norm. Victoria is a cool change. Its landscape offers intensity of colour and texture, from rugged coastlines of ochre to eye-achingly intense forest greens.

When asked what inspired me to create this collection of images I replied “…it was simply there”. I mean that the landscape itself needed no embellishment; these photographs represent the Great Ocean Road in its pure glory. Australians recognise the iconic status of the Twelve Apostles, yet there is so much more to explore along this truly great ocean road.



I shot these images using Canon 40D Digital Camera and various Canon lenses. All images were shot as raw files and post production was done using Adobe Photoshop®.

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